Thursday, 22 December 2011

Lok Pal

The bill pertaining Lok Pal is being debated in Lok Sabha.Some of our Members of Parliament really spoke seriously and brilliantly in Lok Sabha .It gives some hope .The whole nation watches and waits for the outcome .
When I think seriously , I ask myself whether we really need another institution.Are the existing institutions not adequate?Is the problem in the institutions , or in our willingness (or otherwise) to make those existing institutions effective?I  am of the view that the crux lies in making  either the existing institutions effective , or creating a new institution which will be effective.I mean , which cannot be subverted .
I agree that the existing institutional structure has many  inadequacies, as also much needs to be done by way of increasing and strengthening our willingness to make it effective .It is therefore  not a bad idea to create a new institution , (though it amounts to admitting how inadequate we have proved ourselves to be ,on the issue of tackling corruption).But creating just ANY institution in a hurry ,  is a bad idea.We MUST ensure that it proves to be effective .This requires more detailed deliberation .Without this , I am afraid , we will do more harm to the cause of  curbing corruption.