Thursday, 16 April 2015


What is branding  and why it is important? When Google appeared on the internet scene, it was just  a search engine.When people used it as a search engine  product , they found it a better , faster and more useful product.They began to trust the Google brand which delivers faster and better information online.When Google launched a new product like Google plus, people were quick to try Google+ , because they trusted  Google brand .This is how a brand gets built and becomes different from a product .It is a name people trust.
                         There is no doubt that the quality of your product is important.But only quality does not make your enterprise successful.The world will not come to your door just because your product is of a super high quality.You need to do marketing , and branding .
                     Some brands are mythical .For example,James Bond, Barbie , Wizard of Oz are mythical brands.They have the scope for a sequel , prequel , a story and a spiritual or religious connection with community.Such mythical brands are not just about products ora  bundle of facts.They create a story with a growth , mystery , promise of a heroic outcome and  endorsements from celebrities or authorities.A brand can turn out to be mythological accidentally but can also be created  mythological intentionally.Not all mythological brands guarantee success.