Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Talk to the District Magistrates of Uttar Pradesh

On 13th October,2011,I had the opportunity to address an audience comprising Secretaries to the  State Government , Heads of departments , District Magistrates and representatives of Chambers of commerce and industry and the faculty members from Institute of Smart Governance , Hyderabad .The venue was Administrative Training Institute of UP , at Lucknow.The occasion  was the capacity building in e-governance and Launch of web portal Nivesh Mitra for helping the entrepreneurs.
Essentially, I  talked about three things.
1. There has to be good governance of e-governance .E-governance must be reliable, as a system.

2. If you want to look back on your life with satisfaction that you did something, then choose some e-gov projects and adopt them as your own child, and nurture them
3. Deficit in ethics cannot be filled by technology. Ethics is the foundation, technology is the super-structure

Here is the video: