Sunday, 13 November 2011

Technology in Energy Services

On 11.11.2011,I chaired a session on Technology in Energy Services in the annual convention  organised by Lucknow Management Association , an affiliate of AIMA(All India Management Association) , at  Lucknow.The  speakers on the panel were Sri  Alok Kumar IAS , Secretary Industrial Development , Government of UP , and Sri S. C. Srivastava, Professor of Electrical Engineering , IIT , Kanpur.
 Energy   has become essential for life.We have become used to  regular power supply round the clock .The demand for electricity is increasing , and is likely to increase faster over the next few years .We , therefore need the latest and the best technology in the world to fulfill our increasing demand  for electricity, in all the three areas  connected with electricity-generation , transmission and distribution .
We must aim at developing technologies which are cleaner , greener , more efficient and cheaper.Yet , it seems that whatever we may wish , we have no option but to accept that coal will remain the predominant source of power generation in our country for at least the next two decades.The  ash content in Indian coal is high , between 40% to 50%.We  need a technology which can result in reduced emissions of Carbon dioxide , Nitrogen Oxide,Sulphur Oxide and  particulates and a technology that reduces coal consumption, thereby reducing costs and improving thermal efficiency.These are  ultra super-critical technologies.
We also need to develop  technologies to economize energy consumption in all sectors .Whether these are  paper mills , or sugar mills , or other industries , we need to develop technologies which are energy efficient .We need energy efficient systems for supplying water for irrigation .We must encourage the use of LED over conventional or CFL bulbs , for domestic use.
We must  encourage the use of latest technology in metering of power so that theft of power can be minimized and consumers get correct bills for the power consumed .Prepaid smart cards  for power supply are to be encouraged .Technology improvements are also needed  in Grids and transmission areas.
Apart from Solar and Photovoltaic  and wind energy  sectors , we need to develop safe technologies to generate nuclear power on a large scale .In October201`0 , India drew up a plan to reach a nuclear power capacity of 63000 MW in 2032, from the present 4780MW. 
The audience was concerned about the mounting losses in public utilities related to power  .There were a number of questions and suggestions on use of tamper-proof meters as also a better use of information technology for consumer  billing , complaints redressing and citizen satisfaction .Some questions related to the higher damage rate of transformers . Issues related to power- cuts and outages, were also raised .
                     Three thing emerged  clearly :
1.The audience was aware of the technology based solutions and were ready to pay higher cost for better power supply.
2.They were also clear that governance issues needed to be addressed simultaneously .
3A big push  is urgently required from all the key stake holders.