Saturday, 22 December 2012

My Guiding Principles in Professional Life


It is easy to talk about a principled life but as one  chooses to work in the real world , full of contradictions and paradoxes  , it becomes increasingly difficult to  choose the principles which can guide us effectively .I have been in search of a set of su
1.The "Rule of Law"and not any individual is supreme .
2.Maintenance of standards of conduct , speech , behaviour and dress.
3.Evidence based  discussions , decisions and judgements .
4.Taking responsibility .
5.Truth and uncompromising integrity .
6.Fairness, justice and impartialty.
7.Caring and responsiveness.
8.Political neutrality.
10.Bias for action .
11.Focus on action and not on fruits of action .
12.Freedom from prejudice .Openness.
13.Non-controlling and non-possessiveness in relationships .
14.Steadfastness , persistence , perseverance , patience and determination.
15.Forward looking ;Learning from past .
16.Learning continuously and for life.
17.Creativity and innovation .
18.Consultative style of working .
19.Eternal vigilance and non-complacency.
20.Self-awareness and self-knowledge.
                        It is my firm belief that we should lead a professional life based on principles .Only in cases where our principles  come in conflict with  caring for others that we need to carefully  consider the situation and decide .This I have dealt with separately in one of my earlier blogpost "Caring and not the principles . ."