Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

First things first.The Bluest Eye  moved me and will  haunt   me   for a long , long time .It is a masterpiece , and the first  work of fiction by Toni Morrison.It was  published in 1970 . I strongly recommend you to read it (172 pages).
                     It is the story of  Pecola, a little black girl who yearns for the blue eyes of a little white girl .This was her idea of beauty.But she was a little, poor , innocent , black girl and was subjected to a demonization process. Her innocence and faith were as unproductive as lust and despair of others around her .When the society around her was  unproductive , she could not have become a beautiful girl with the bluest eyes.
                   It is not easy to understand the grief of a little girl who becomes the victim of rape.Her friends fail her.They avoid her .Her guilt  sanctifies her friends and in their hypocrisy , they want to feel clean and beautiful.They are polite but not compassionate .Her poverty keeps her friends generous .What a waste of a precious girl by a society that is so unequal , pollutes , self-serving and indifferent !
                      Toni Morrison completely succeeds , in her poetic style, in compelling us to think to make ourselves  better human beings , and to be truly compassionate to the girls who become victims  ans suffer because of  others.