Friday, 3 January 2014

The Truth by Michael Palen

This 2012  fiction book by Michael Palen  succeeded  in uplifting my spirits. Repeated failures, exasperations  , absurdities  and frustrations  of life bring us disappointments , breed and  strengthen our cynicism,  sometimes  make us feel that all those grand plans  full of good  ideals  and pious intentions are just grand pretences , and  finally may  turn out to be delusions .Despite all this , as this story tells us , we can act in ways that are uplifting .This book  left me on a real high.
                  In real life , we meet  some good people , and a larger number who are not good.But to search  for  perfect , flawless persons  is likely to result in a delusion .That is The Truth , which Michael Palin  tells us in this very interesting and thrilling book .It is just a coincidence that at present stage , I am working in the field of  environment and forests in India , and I recently visited London/UK in connection with  study of wildlife.This book is set in London and in India and deals with environmental issues, along  with  power plays , manipulations ,  cost of development ,exploitation  of  natural resources,uprooting of local tribal population , militant extremism and other related issues.Keith  Mabbut , the protagonist , finds  the truth at the end of this work .
                          The book also raises the  complex issues of our need for heroes and role models ,the issue of personal compromises and the costs to be paid , if you don't compromise.The book takes a biting swipe at publishing industry, and how  publishers can become a tool in the hands of the  powerful and the mighty.
                          Martin Buber in his book has said that fiction is the closest to truth while  journalism is farthest from truth , bordering on lies.This book proved to me that truth can be revealed  by a fictional story .
                                  Palen has  the ability to create , build and narrate a beautiful and enjoyable  story , which is also full of truth and meaning .It thrills about Environment , a subject which really matters for each one of us.This book is not a thriller but it thrills  more than a conventional thriller.It  is delightful , thrilling and uplifting .I recommend you to read it .