Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Reverence for Self

1.Have reverence for Self.
2.Have great expectations from Self.Decide your expectations from Self with lot of reflection .
3.Know and keep  trying  to know your Self, your interests, and tastes.
4.Be what you are .Don't  have a fake behaviour or  project false image.
5.Give free and full expression to your Self .That is leadership.
6.Nurture and look after your Self.
7.Permit no one to insult your Self .If some one humiliates you , protest and walk out.
8.Balance concern for Self with concern for non-Self.
9.Decide for your Self Standards, Principles and values  , as also the minimum  acceptable standards which you will demand from others.
10.Have faith  and trust in Self , and not in stars or others.
11.Do the scrutiny of Self regularly.
12.Keep your Self motivated .Do not depend on others for your motivation .
13.Recognize individuality in others.
14.Maintain integrity of Self .This will follow mainly because of your reverence for your Self.
15. Practice Self regulation and Self discipline , overcome temptations.
16.Practice Self help .Don't lean on others.You have to prepare your Self to fight your battles alone.
17.Do not sell your Self for money.