Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Skills of Decision Making

We keep making decisions , big or small , every day .These decisions  , in a way , define and decide our lives .Books have been written ,and complicated  and rigorous models have been invented for good decision making .I have tried to summarise my own ideas about decision making as below .
1.Decide without fear or favour.
2.Decide on the basis of  four things:a)Evidence  b)Values c)Due process and law d)Risks you are prepared to take in choosing a decision option .
 3.Decide whether you want a quick decision or a slower decision .It depends on whether the decision is strategic or operational .
4.Decide if you need any expert advice.
5.Be clear that you and you alone are responsible for the consequences of decision , even if there  are committees , advisers or assistants to help you .
6.Reflection and dialogue precede decision making .
7.Decide  how you will implement the decision .Implementability is a part of decision making .
8.Timing is of essence.
9.Believe firmly in the rightness of your decision .
10.Once you have made a decision , do not vacillate .Stick to it.