Saturday, 15 November 2014

International Event Quanta ,2014 inaugurated on November15,2014(Saturday) in Lucknow

Today(November 15 , 2014,Saturday) , I inaugurated international event  called Quanta , 2014 at City Montessori School , Lucknow.Eleven countries sent their teams to participate in this competition on Science , Mathematics,Electronics and Mental ability.Today's inaugural had some fascinating musical events  presented by Chowk branch of CMS.I was impressed.
                                         Quanta was the first international event of CMS, organized in 1995 , and now CMS organizes 30 international events.Quanta ,therefore , occupies a special position in the history of CMS and Lucknow.This event has maintained a high level of standard and excellence.This year , a special Robot Race is being organized as a highlight..
                                    Science does three things for us:
1.Science and scientific temper help us to fight continuously against prejudices based on caste , religion , gender , race , language , region or nationality.
Marcus Aurelius , the Roman Emperor and philosopher of 2nd century, said:"Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life."Science gives us the opportunity to broaden our mind .
Events like Quanta help us to break the barriers raised by our prejudices , through the promotion of science , and in turn promotes peace , unity and development in the world.
2.Science promotes connectivity and connectedness through mobile phones,internet and civil aviation 3.Science promotes collaboration and  transformation.
These three things done by science  help to promote world peace and unity of mankind.
                   But what promotes science itself?Albert Einstein said:"Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist.They are wrong.It is the character."It is the building of character,of values , of integrity which makes a good scientist.A good school,therefore supports character formation  as well as scientific temper, and this in turn leads to world peace and unity.I am happy that events like Quanta , are the right steps in this direction .
                        Max Planck  was the originator of Quantum Theory.(He won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.).In 1900,he said that electromagnetic energy (including light)exists in discrete packets or quanta.Energy gets absorbed and released in quanta ,and not as continuous wave.This event derives its name from this concept of bundles of energy.I wish and hope that this 4 day Quanta ,2014 will charge and electrify the minds of youth with millions of bundles of creative energy,which will pave the way for world unity ,peace and progress.I remember this poem ,Ek Naujawan ke naam(To a young man ) by the noted Pakistani  poet ,Allama Iqbal.
         "You donot have to make your nest on the dome of Queen's palace.You are an Eagle.Choose to  reside on the rocks of  mountains;"