Monday, 29 December 2014

Stoner by John Williams

I confess that I had not heard of the American novelist John Williams till I  purchased and read this extra ordinary novel , Stoner.William Stoner is the name of the protagonist, and the book derives its name from that.This book was published in 1965 and sold moderately.It was in 2013  that it became a bestseller ,and its rights have since  been sold in 21 countries.
                      It is a novel which indicates that literature might be the best  way to understand life.It reinforces the very value of reading and study.Many readers  may find the life of Stoner sad.In some  ways , I also felt this way .But the  author had a different view.In an interview , he said,"I think , he had a very good life.He had a better life than most people do., certainly.He was doing what he wanted to do,he had some feeling for what he was doing,he had some sense of the importance of the job he was doing . . .The important  thing in the novel to me is Stoner's sense of a job . . .a job in the good and honourable sense of the word.His job  gave him a particular kind of identity and made him what he was.
               Life is good ,if we have a good job .Stoner had a hands on job of  a teacher in a university.He was very good at it , and enjoyed his job .The "world outside" was not  ready to let him do it , because of jealousies,power politics within the organisation , social  and other  factors.But Stoner  went ahead with his job , with honesty , dedication , professional integrity and without compromise.He had to fore go promotions , and at times face  inconvenient situations , but he held on .This is one central idea which has made this book a bestseller in our times.I recommend you to read this book .It will enrich your mind.