Tuesday, 31 March 2015

The Day of my Superannuation(March31,2015,Tuesday)

After spending about 35 years in the IAS(Indian Administrative Service),today I retired from the Service.This journey has been a journey of immense learning , evolution and joy.On the way,I met a very large number of people ,some of whom were really enlightened.
                   I pay my tributes to  three  seniors/colleagues  who were very well meaning and always helpful: Late Sri B.B.Sinha , who was Commissioner Kanpur when I was District Magistrate , Farrukhabad.Late Sri R.S.Kaushik , who was Commissioner , Moradabad , when I was District Magistrate , Moradabad, Late Vinod Bihari Singh Vishven , who was my batchmate (IAS,UP,1980).
                    Some of the posts  I enjoyed were:
1.Principal secretary (Forests and Environment),UP.I remember the notable achievement when we  accomplished a World record by planting  one crore saplings on a single day(July31,2007).This finds mention in Guinnes Book of world Records.
2.Principal secretary (Disabled Welfare) when we  detected large scale irregularities in the  grants  sanctioned for the distribution of  implements and equipments for the disabled.
3.Chief Executive Officer/MD,UP Housing Board when we  streamlined the working of the Board through the processes under ISO 9001.
4.District Magistrate , Moradabad  when we maintained peace and harmony in the communally sensitive district during the demolition of Babri Mosque in 1992.We clamped the curfew  in the various cities of the district for 27 days.
I enjoyed ,admired and appreciated the team work and hard work of all the concerned officials and citizens  in each of these postings.I take this opportunity to express my gratitude and thanks to all of them.
 Richard Armon says:"Retired is being twice tired.First , tired of working.Then tired of not working"
C.C.Rodrigues says:"When a man retires,his wife gets twice the husband but only half the income."
TS Eliot says:"every end is also a beginning."

                   People ask me where I am going to stay and what I am planning to do after retirement.I will be ordinarily staying in Lucknow and plan to remain active in community sevice. I will do what I love to do.
                      In the last 35 years ,things have changed dramatically.I had my dreams in my youth to change the world for the better.Have I made any contribution?Are the dreams of my youth still there with me?Am I still true to them .My answer is :Yes , I am still true to the dreams of my youth and intend  to continue to  fulfill them in my second innings.I have tried to live by my principles and values some of which are:
1.Being worthy of the trust of my people.
2.Not to procrastinate in doing good work.
3.Competing with my own self.
4.Having hope but no expectations .Avoiding cynicism.
5.Prefering effectiveness over success.
6.Remaining happy.
7. Cultivating humility and non-arrogance.

Once again ,my thanks and goodbye to all , till we meet again.