Friday, 1 January 2016

Refire! Don't Retire by Ken Blanchard & Morton Shaevitz

Published in India in  2015 by HarperCollins Publishers India Ltd., this slim volume  by Ken blanchard and Morton Shaevitz  caught my attention at a book shop in T3 terminal of Delhi airport.It was  written with such a lightheartedness ,  that I decided to buy it .I finished nearly half the book in one hour journey from Delhi to Lucknow, and the remaining half in one hour at home in Lucknow.So , it is an investment of 350 rupees and two hours.
            Ken Blanchard is 75 and Morton Shaevitz is 79.They discussed on a journey   attitude to getting older, and finally wrote this book Refire!Don't Retire:Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life.The book tells the story of an older couple who refire themselves emotionally ,intellectually , physically and spiritually.The focus is on healthy living, rewarding relationships, continuous learning,involvement in service and other meaningful activities.
     As we grow older , we tend to fall into ruts and become  more risk- averse.We become less spontaneous.In the process , we become withdrawn ,isolated, often unhealthy and wait for the inevitable.This book  makes a wake up call  not only to older people but also to middle aged persons to develop an attitude of recharging towards growing older.Though nothing strikingly original , this book is worth a read to give us ideas.I recommend you to read this book.