Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart  Tolle  was born in Germany in 1948.He graduated from University of London in Philosophy,Psychology and literature in his early twenties, and then  decided to do post graduation research  in Cambridge University. in 1977.But he dropped out soon after  , because he  experienced"inner transformation" on one night.Then he started working as a spiritual teacher and Counsellor.The Power of Now was first published in 1997.Oprah Winfrey recommended this book in her magazine.It was on New York Times Best seller list for over two years.It was translated into 33 languages.It has sold over 3 million copies by now.He lives in Vancouver since 1995.
                           The book says that our past and our future are created by our thoughts and our mind.
The book has ten chapters:
1.You are not your mind.
2.Consciousness:The way out of pain.
3.Moving deeply into the Now.
4Mind strategies for avoiding the Now.
5.The state of presence.
6.The inner body.
7.Portals into the Unmanifested.
8.Enlightened Relationships.
9.Beyond happiness and unhappiness,there is Peace.
10.The meaning of Surrender.
The book has 190 pages and  I read it very slowly  so that I could understand it.It says that we should free ourselves from  enslavement to the mind.Our being is blocked   by our thoughts .Thoughts also block beauty , love , creativity, joy , inner peace  and our relationships.Be alert and aware but  do not  focus on thoughts.Pay attention to what you do .When you walk,pay attention to every step, and  your breathing .Pain is inevitable as long as you identify yourself with your mind.
               Mind controls us through time , through past and future.Live in the Now .Pay very brief visits to  past and future when required.It is habitual tendency of mind to  want to escape  from the Now.Setting a goal for future is fine but do not do it excessively , because it will take you away from Now.Present moment is all you have .Live in the present.
               Mind can not forgive.Only you can..Most human relationships consist mainly of minds interacting  with each other ,not being in communication.We can  enter the Unmanifested by being in the Now, by cessation of thought and by Surrender.Surrender means acceptance , non-resistance and being  without ego.Most of relationships  become hollow because they are through mind and not through conscious self.Be present in your relationships.
            Be yourself.Do not have a relationship with your self.All   non-physical  suffering is created due to resistance , non acceptance,non surrender.Surrender gives you peace.Surrender does not mean  not taking action . It means taking action  but  refusing to  resist in the Now.