Monday, 12 September 2016

Communicating Interpersonally-A Social Construction Approach

1.Title:                                 Communicating    Interpersonally                                                                                                                                                                                               
2.Authors                          John Stewart , Karen E. Zedikar,Saskia                                                                     Witteborn                                                                                
3.ISBN                               81-7992-533-1

4.Publisher                        Jaico Publishing House ,  Mumbai                                                                    
5.Pages                               414.
6.Price                               Rs.995.
7.Genre:                         Management ,Psychology,Sociology      
Communication  plays a very important part in all relationships .Yet , we hardly try to learn communication .This book on communication  is  written by  John Stewart  ,  Karen Zedikar  and Saskia Witteborn  , all from  University of Washington--- basically teachers and researchers.
                       I have tried to  distil ten most important points about communication  from this book of 414 pages , as below.These     statements  apply in important relationships including  friendships.
1.Understand  the other person’s  culture , value systems , beliefs and attitudes.
2.Be honest and trustworthy in communication and interaction.
3.Never use  hurtful, aggressive and violent statements.
4.Have respect for the dignity of the other person .
5.Be trusting .
6.Have transparency (open sensitivity).
a)Face the other person  when talking.
b)Maintain eye contact.
c)Make responsive sounds.
d)Select open sensitivity responses.
8.In cyberspace  including social media ,  be careful to present yourself and  relate to others.
9.Follow Universal Rules of Relationships/friendships:
a)Respect the other person’s privacy.
b)Do not discuss that which is said in confidence with the other person .
c)Do not indulge in sexual activity with the other person.
d)Do not criticize the other person publicly.
Communication is a very vast  and complex subject .If you want to read it as a  serious subject , you can read this book  like a text book .Otherwise , it can be left to  he  students of communication .