Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Demian by Hermann Hesse

1.Title: Demian
2.Author:Hermann Hesse
3.First Published:1919
4.Harper Perrenial Classics Edition , Published :1999.
5.Translated from German by:Michael Rollof and Michael  Lebeck
7.Price;Rs 386.90
     Demian , a short novel , was first published   under the pseudonym of Emil Sinclair , its protagonist and narrator.The tenth edition was published under the name of Hermann Hesse. Hesse  applied in this book  the depth psychology of Carl Jung .Sinclair finds the meaning of his life  through his dreams and the symbols of his paintings.
             Hesse  emphasised  the uniqueness of every human being  who “represents  the unique , the very special  and always  significant and remarkable  point at which  the world’s phenomena intersect  only once  this way and never again.”
                The relationship between  Hesse and Romain Rolland  (the French Author and a Nobel Laureate) got reflected in the novel  as a relationship  between  Emil Sinclair and Max Demian.(Max Demian is the character , after whom the novel is based.)Both Romain Rolland and Max Demian believed  that  the ravages of world war  will give way to a healed future.(The novel was published  in 1919 , the third year of world war one.)
     This book exerted a great influence on the youth of Germany and other countries , and it became an instant best-seller.It gives the message that  each one of us  has to struggle to  become self –aware, to be true to our self and finally to  actualize our self , and to remain hopeful while doing so..This is our destiny and our purpose .
                I recommend you to read this novel.