Friday, 5 June 2015

Consume with Care ... .. World Environment Day 2015 in Lucknow(June5,2015,Friday)

In a short, spontaneous and spirited event , we celebrated  World Environment Day today(June5,2015,Friday) in City Montessori School , Head  Office, in Lucknow.I spoke as below:
         The theme of 2015 World Environment Day , decided by UNEP is;"Seven Billion Dreams,One planet.Consume with care."There are two ways of conserving the environment.One is to produce and have economic growth in  an environment -friendly way.The other is to consume less and not waste.This year , UNEP has decided that all those who care for environment should focus on consuming with care.
              At present , the population of the world is 7 billion .The theme exhorts every member of  the entire world population to  have at least one dream , the fulfilment of which will  enable to consume less and conserve natural resources.One can consume with care water , food, energy,electricity,paper, forest resources or animal products.Every good action begins with an individual.Then it can result in a collective action .Like Martin Luther King , Jr. each one of us  must "have a dream" so that we have today 7 billion dreams about consuming with care.It is ,I hope, bound to result in preserving environment.
             The population of the world is growing .It is likely to cross 9 billion in 2050 from the present 7 billion .This will require economic growth and higher production of consumable things, which will have some adverse impact on environment .But if each one of us consumes less and does not waste , some of the adverse impact will not take place .So, we need to do more with less, we need to do better with less.We need not live in adversity , but we need to avoid luxury and wastage.Let us pick up one item and decide how we shall consume it less in the next one year.