Saturday, 30 May 2015

Team Building

Every team has to have a common purpose, and based on that common purpose needs to develop a shared vision.But in addition , every team should have shared values, shared concepts, shared attitudes and a shared way of working.For ensuring quality in decisions as well as in products , team work is essential.
           Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr.  delivered his famous "I have a dream" from Lincoln Memorial  , Washington DC on August 28,1963.It is worthwhile to know how he shared his dream effectively with his followers , who had come to hear his talk.It is important to  have a shared vision  so that teams can be effective in achieving it.
        The five disciplines listed by Peter Senge to develop a learning organisation are:
1.Shared Vision.
2.Mental Models.
3.Personal Mastery.
4.Team Learning .
5.Systems Thinking.
 Teams need to learn together, plan together and have a shared vision for the team as well as for the organisation .Members of a team need to know each other.They need to have informal conversations, ask each other questions and listen to the answers given by other team members.
          Each team should periodically have a collaboration audit , to assess how members are performing while coordinating with each other as well as with members of other teams.
         The most important quality  which each member of a team should develop is trustworthiness.This is most important for the team leader.India is a low trust society.That is why , team work is a greater challenge in India.In this context , trustworthiness becomes the critical factor for the success of ant team in India.

(A short talk delivered to the employees  of City Montessori School, Lucknow  on May 30,2015, Saturday.)

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