Sunday, 15 November 2015

Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf ? by Edward Albee

At first ,I thought that I had completely  failed to understand this play by Edward Albee, perhaps  because of my lack of comprehension .But slowly , it dawned on me that the play itself has certain  complications  and weaknesses".Incidentally ,Who is afraid of Virginia Woolf?" , won the 1961 Tony Award for best play.
                    The play is about a husband(George) and wife(Martha)  who continue to  drink and fight through out the night in the  play.It is   obvious that their relationship is quite complex.Their dialogues are   full of insults and even obscenities.They keep fighting about a son who actually does not exist.They have been telling  this fairy tale to each other for years now.They have decided not to mention their imaginary son in the presence of strangers.However the wife breaks this promise in the presence of strangers.The husband takes his revenge by saying that their son is dead in the presence of same strangers.
                 It is not really a great" read".It may  perhaps , appear better when performed.It was made into a film with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in lead roles.For me,this book is still a  work in progress.It may need a few more readings.It is a work which can be called   both mad and genius
 I quote this  from the book itself:"We all peel labels , sweetie;and when you get through the skin, all three layers, through the muscle,slosh aside the organs(...) and get down to bone . . . you know what you do then?
(....)when you get down to bone, you haven't got all the way,yet.There's  something inside the bone . . ..the marrow . . .and that's what you gotta get at."