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Proof of Heaven . . A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife by Dr Eben Alexander

1.Title:Proof of Heaven  ..A Neurosurgeon's  Journey into the Afterlife
2.Author:Dr Eben Alexander
3.First Published:2012
4.Publisher:Piaktus in Great Britain .
5.Copyright:@2012 Dr Eben Alexander
6.ISBN : 978-0-7499-5879-4
7.Pages: 194
8.Price: Rs. 375.
Dr Eben is a renowned neurosurgeon  based in Virginia. After earning an MD from Duke University , he worked as a neurosurgeon in  the top institutions of the world including  Harvard Medical School. On November 10,2008 ,at the age of 54, Dr  Eben was struck by a rare illness  and was thrown into coma for seven days. He was found to  have bacterial meningitis. E.coli  meningitis is very rare in adults. No underlying cause of his illness could be identified. Scans of his brain revealed  massive damage  and he was not expected to survive. He remained in coma for seven days .On the eighth day , he opened his eyes , became alert  and very shortly  went on to have a full recovery. Doctors attending on him thought it was a miraculous recovery.
               Soon after his recovery , for the next six weeks or so ,Dr Eben wrote his experiences  in the higher worlds. This book is based essentially on those writings. Dr Eben says that he went through deep and intense NDE, Near Death Experience while he was in coma. The death of the body and the brain is not the end of consciousness. Dr  Eben is certain of life after death and  he says:Ï am the living proof”. He also says that any one of us can go deep into our consciousness  through prayer and meditation  to access the truths of higher worlds. He quotes Albert Einstein: ”I must be willing to give up  what I am in order  to become  what I will be.”
                        During his journey after death , he experienced unconditional love and acceptance.He also realized that  nothing can tear us from God.But this was because  throughout his time in the higher worlds , he was asoul with no attachments and nothing to lose.Every one of us is deeply cared for by God.No one is unloved.
                   All this coming from a highly reputed Neurosurgeon  makes us  positively inclined to believe in  a consciousness living even when we die. I recommend you to read this  insightful book .It will make some change in the way you think about this life and beyond.