Monday, 17 October 2016

Blind Spots by Claudia M. Shelton

1.Title:Blind Spots: achieve success by seeing  what you can’t SEE
2.Author: Claudia M. Shelton
3.Publisher: John Wiley & Sons  Inco.
4.Year of Publication: 2007
5.Copyright: @2007 Claudia M. Shelton
6.ISBN: 978-0-470-04225-0
7.Genre Success in Business’ Executive Coaching
8.Pages: 255
9.Rating : ***
Every one has blind spots in  self. Blind spots are  things we do ,  or negative habits  in our behaviour  that we cannot see.These are the things  we do  unconsciously. For example , we  may not be clear about our own strengths or weaknesses. Blindspots can adversely affect our  performance in business and also  our relationships  because others  see them and get  affected by them while we are unaware of them .
                    Obviously , it is a good thing if we can identify our blind spots  and then take steps to eliminate them .Our quest for self awareness cannot be complete  without identifying our blind spots. Claudia Shelton makes an attempt to educate us how to do it . Some one external to us , a friend or a trusted colleague can do this job for us , if they know the techniques , and if we request them to do it for us .But it is a sensitive exercise .When others give us negative feedback to us about our blind spots,  we may become uncomfortable, and may challenge them .So , it is up to us to shift to neutral , be non-judgmental when some one else  begins to tell us about our blind spots at our request.
                     So far , so good.But when it comes to tools like  Five Most Common  Blind Spots framework, Clear Sight Plan , Personal Self-Portrait, Blind Spots Profile, Blind Spots 360,The Confidence Triangle , Statement of Strengths, Statement of Purpose, Claudia  begins to sound like the author of a typical self-help book.
                     The book makes us aware of the blind spots’ existence in each of us , and encourages us to identify and eliminate them .Even this contribution is  very  significant and I thank the author for this.

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