Thursday, 3 May 2018

The Life-changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo

               The Life-changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo is an international bestseller  book about  tidying  , its methods and impacts.
                Tidying involves  two tasks- discarding  and   where to keep  the things  not discarded. First complete the discarding .Then start the next task. You should be choosing what you  want to keep, not what you  want to get rid of. Take each  thing  in your hand  and ask: “ Does this spark joy?” You will be surprised  at how many things  that you   possess  have already fulfilled  their role. By acknowledging their  contribution  and letting them go    with gratitude , you will be able to truly put the things  you own , and your life in order. The best sequence of tidying  is this: clothes first , then books , papers, miscellaneous items  and   lastly,  sentimental items and keepsakes.
Marie Kondo strongly recommends  folding (and not hanging) as  the main storage method. But  first reduce your wardrobe to only  those clothes that you really love. Infrequently used papers  like insurance policies, leases  should be put into a single  plastic   folder  without worrying about further categorisation .Other non-contractual  documents  should be put into another folder. Papers which need attention should be in a third folder.
It is not worth keeping materials or handouts   from past seminars or courses. Discard all your credit card statements. Keep all warranties in one file. Discard all used cheque books. Sort out stationery and writing materials and keep these in a separate drawer or place. Throw away all the gifts   and keepsakes except those from very dear persons (which also give you joy). Throw away all  old calendars .Sort all photos and put them in an album. Do not leave this task   for when you grow old.
When you honestly  confront the things you own ,  you  get positive emotions  which  give you  the energy for living. Store all the items of the same kind  in the same place . Don’t scatter the storage space. Use small boxes  that come with mobile phones  and such things , for   storing  pens, pencils and other writing tools.
Putting your  house to order  is a great way  to discover  what things you really like. You have only those books which really captivate you . This way you know  the subject to which  these books relate , and you discover that you really like that subject. Tidying is a way of showing us what we really like.
  Tidying increases your confidence in your decision making capacity. It helps you to hone your decision making skills.  It is important to understand your ownership pattern   because it is an expression of the values   that guide your life. It is only when you  face the things you  own one by one   and experience the emotions they evoke   that you  can truly  appreciate your relationship with them. Through the process of tidying , people come to know contentment. Once they kept only those things  that they really loved , they felt that they had everything  they needed. There is no greater happiness in life than to be surrounded  only by the things you love .
           But tidying is not the purpose of life. Tidying is a tool to make the world a better place. Putting your house in order  will help you find the mission  that speaks to your heart.
                 It is a very simple book but  creates a powerful impact on our life.I recommend you to read it  and implement  some of the recommendations which look deceptively simple , yet capable of changing your life for the better.