Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Complete Guide to Fasting by Jason Fung , MD with Jimmy Moore

Fasts and feasts are rhythms of life. Fasts follow feasts , and feasts follow fasts. Very few people  believe  that fasting   can be  a tool to  improve our health and take it to the next level. The Complete Guide to fasting by  Jason Fung , MD and Jimmy Moore   convinces   us  that fasting is an extremely powerful tool  to enable us to make a jump in our health to the next level and for the better. First published in  2016 by Victory  Belt publishing Inc. ,  it has 304 pages.
               Fasting has a long history. Most of the religions  prescribe  fasting either on a weekly basis or annually or  at some other frequency. This book has  shown  ,on the basis of scientific evidence , that fasting  helps us with weight loss,  can cure type2  diabetes , prevent cancer  and  slow  down  aging.
                No single protocol of fasting suits every   one . It is for each of us to choose what protocol suits us the best. Some prefer alternate-day  fasting , some prefer extended fasts lasting several days , some prefer  twice per week 24 hour fasts.
        One major worry about fasting  is hunger. The book says that hunger starts in the mind. It is a conditioning of mind which can be defeated. Hunger comes in waves and each wave can be controlled  by drinking green tea or coffee9 without sugar or sweetner). Children, pregnant women and   unwell persons on medication  should not  fast.
    All  foods raise  insulin to some degree. Therefore  the most effective method of reducing insulin is to avoid food altogether. When we fast , insulin falls and  glycogen is used up  and the body begins to  switch over  to burning stored fats in it  for energy. Fasting is different from living on  a permanent low-calorie diet. When we diet , body may respond to  less eating by slowing the metabolism. Fasting on the other hand produces harmones  that tell the body  it is time to tap reserves. Thus , during fasting , body is getting energy from  burning its reserves of fat. Body fats provide energy in the form of fatty acids, ketones and some amount of glucose as well.  In fasting , increase in adrenaline   stimulates the metabolism  , and this does not let metabolism to slow down , (while metabolism slows down during low calorie dieting). 
                This is a very scientific , well written and beautifully printed  book about fasting and   succeeds in convincing us about the merits of fasting. You may like to give it a chance .It could change your life in more ways than one.

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