Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

The New Year 2012 has come with  hopes , dreams , opportunities  and energy . Like everyone , I also became engaged in the drafting of  a few resolutions. What is the difference between  new year resolutions and normal goals . I think , the major difference is in the nature of grounds covered .New year resolutions should (So I think) deal with  our habits(how we do things) while normal goals deal with what we  do.Since habits develop with repetitive actions over a long time ,it becomes difficult to change them .That is why , we end up in breaking our new year resolutions very fast .But notwithstanding that risk , I made some resolutions  as follows:
1.Get into the details of whatever you do .(God as well as Devil is in the details).
2.Delegate but do not abandon .Check the progress of whatever you have delegated.
3.Praise the honest effort and achievement , not only the ability(Courtesy  Dr. Carol Dweck).
4.Read  one daily  newspaper , and not more than one .(Reading more than one is a waste of time, to my mind.)
5.Listen to select music/videos from You tube  repeatedly .
6.Keep three notebooks:
1)Notebook of daily events(diary).
2)Notebook of  crystallized ideas and thoughts(Journal).
3)Notebook of work in progress (Anything not covered in diary or journal )
7.Eliminate from life  white sugar /anything sweet for one year
8.Read fiction and non-fiction in the ratio 0f 1:1.
9.Advise/mentor only those who are willing .
10.Dive deeper into contemporary non-political  issues and formulate your own views and express these publicly.
11.Do things for  a purpose you love .
Let me see how long I stick to my resolutions.
Have you made yours?Will you like to share your resolutions with others?
Here I wish you the best in health , success , peace , spirituality and love  in 2012.

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