Monday, 22 July 2013

Plant a Tree




  1. In our old time a clan used to worship tree as totem. Not only
    worshiping but the clan used to use tree in a religious way and
    adopted its sign as clan's emblem. Stone age people who were hardly
    aware of any technology or science of living being knew the value of
    trees. Now we knowledgeable people who claims to know every thing
    about the value of trees do what? Don't we know cutting tree means
    loss of life in many ways. First of all trees are the major source of
    oxygen.They inhale carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen,vice versa we
    breathe in oxygen and breath out carbon mono oxide. That way they keep
    atmosphere pure. Then they hold water, does not let soil pass
    over, in a result we get the rains, a natural source of irrigation.
    Cutting trees mean scarcity of food and in a vast way it means loss
    of life in our mother planet. Because they maintain the ecological
    balance too. It is said that trees are living things. In recent
    research some musician proved that plants do have positive impact of
    music in their growth. If we are chosen one by almighty God to live
    our life peacefully. Why can not we let live these God's creation, who
    never asks for any special favor.. just they need a little space to
    provide us a shadow, wood, leaves and oxygen to every living being. If
    we have to cut one tree, we should always think of planting two trees
    to save this beautiful planet.

  2. People fell trees for economic reasons.Thank you for your excellent and comprehensive advocacy against felling of trees needlessly .

  3. Gr8 message, Go green, look for every opportunity to plant trees, for that is for our own survival and well being, maintaining ecosystem for nurturing life and more so learn from them to be selfless "Giver"..............

    1. Thank you ,Mr Akshaya Bhatia, for writing this inspiring message.We need to Go Green,in India and in the World.