Friday, 14 February 2014

On praise and criticism

There is a symmetry between praise and criticism .They are the two sides of the same coin .
2.Don't feel happy when someone praises you and  don't feel unhappy when someone criticises you .Weigh your response to praise and criticism .If it is genuine , it should be examined and then accepted .Don't retaliate if criticism in unfair .Don't be greedy when praise  is not due.
3.Public praise can give more happiness than private praise or approval.Public criticism can give more unhappiness than private criticism .
4.Don't seek or make efforts to get praise. Don't fish for compliments. Don't covet popularity or fame , because there is a difference between  praise and the reality it seeks to describe .
5.Be careful when praise becomes flattery and when criticism becomes accusation .This is so when criticism is born out of malice.
6.Praise and popularity should not be allowed to become our weakness.We should stay away from them.When seeking praise , popularity , name or fame or high profile  becomes an end in itself , we deviate from our real mission or goal  or values.
7.We must take right decisions and not popular decisions.We should not defer a decision because it is likely to be criticised or become unpopular.We should not be afraid of such  possibilities.If needed , we should be willing to go against public opinion and swim against current .Our decisions should be based on evidence , truth and equity.
8.There is a relationship between conformism and seeking approval.
9.When seeking  praise becomes a habit , we start accepting false praise and rejecting true criticism .We should watch out against such tendencies.
10. Don't divide the world between two camps ;those who praise you and those who criticise you .
11. Don't let praise or criticism have power over you and your freedom .
12.Be self-effacing , work below the radar and maintain low profile.
13.Don't feel hurt when you are singled out for criticism .
14.Kill your desire for praise , name , fame or popularity.
15.Don't indulge in self-praise or self-criticism.Both are harmful for  your reputation and self-esteem.


  1. This Article is simply simplified version of message of Bhagwat Gita.

  2. To some extent , yes.Thank you for pointing this out .

  3. Very nicely written sir. Although I agree with every word of this, I am not sure how to adopt it in our lives specially point no 13 and 14.

  4. Thank you , shubhangi.If you are convinced , half the distance is already covered.The rest will be covered with practice .