Thursday, 30 October 2014

Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa (Agromet Advisory Services);October30,2014 ,Thursday

The venue was Met Centre ,Lucknow ,located  near Amausi airport ,Lucknow.On October 30,2014 (Thursday),I chaired a state level  review meeting in Agromet Advisory Services , organised by Met Centre ,Lucknow.Dr KK Singh c from  Agromet Division,IMD , new Delhi .Prof Padmakar Tripathy  from Agriculture University,Faizabad andSri J P Gupta ,In charge , Lucknow Met Centre  shared the dais.
  Agromet advisory services play an important role in agriculture.Started in April , 2007 , it was meant to help the farmers to adapt to changes in the weather and climate , and for better and more efficient management of inputs.We need focus on the following aspects:
1.To create information generation(agricultural and meteorological) mechanism.
2.To create dissemination,extension  and communication mechanism (for farmers)
3.Capacity building ,effective training , education on all aspects of agromet.
4.To develop linkages between District Agriculture Officers and AMFU's for effective dissemination at district , block and village levels.
5.To organize seminars by AFMUs to create awareness among farmers about advisory services.
6.To use Common Service Centres of IT ,to provide agromet services.
7.To make agromet advisory services more user oriented in
a)pesticide and fertiliser applications.
b)irrigation applications.
c)sowing operations.
d)Timely harvesting.
8.To use more GIS and remote sensing techniques in preparation of agromet services.
9.To establish agromet data centre.
10.There are 130 AMFUs in the country and out of these,seven are in UP
There is a need for more AFMUs.
11.There is also a need to extend agromet advisory services to district level , block level and village level .

Agromet advisory services involve agriculture,metreolgy,extension and communication .Communication needs to be improved through IT,internet ,SMS and social networking .There is an ungent need to bring agromet services into the mainstream of our agriculture development schemes and plans.
              It was a very pleasant and  useful experience for me , as Agriculture Production Commissioner of UP , to be a part of these deliberations.

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