Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Source of Passion ...

For quite some time ,I  was looking for an answer to a question which I think  was very important :What is the source of passion for  anything ,any cause?Can this source be identified and can we  strengthen our passion , once it begins to weaken? My search led me to this book(328 pages) by Deepak Chopra :The Path to Love .. .Spiritual strategies for healing.
                                The book has 7 chapters ,and only one chapter (Number 6) deals directly with passion: Why we need passion? (Page 225 to 271).On page 230 , Chopra writes:"Passion is the energy that love creates with no object other than itself.The energy born of love is creative--it makes everything it touches new.To see how passionate you are,look around at what you have created.The source of passion is within yourself.When passion wanes,it must be rekindled at its source."Again on page 237:"Passion for another person has to fade ,but passion for life itself is eternal."Passion is the flow of  life ,in all its natural exuberance.Passion does not  just fade;it gets blocked,and you have to ask  why you blocked or suppressed it.We have an unconscious  censor inside our mind which decides whether it is permissible for us to feel passionate or not.
                        How do you open up the channels of passion?You want the return of spirit within you , which is the return of God.The passionate side of God is Shakti,the goddess.Passion was the wedding gift she brought when she  married Shiva.Go into the fear and hurt;practise letting go of your old beliefs; learn to forgive yourself;find moments when you can be kind to your inner being;claim what is good about yourself and not just what is bad;follow every enthusiasm where ever it leads you,since the source of enthusiasm is always passion .Reach for the infinite ,and you will never be lost.Spirit will carry you in her arms" from  fear to love"
                           The book traces the source of passion to Divine love .to rekindle your passion , you need to  know God and to serve God and His people.

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