Monday, 22 May 2017

A Letter to Sri H.C. Gupta

Dear Sir,                                                                                    
              A special  CBI court   on Monday (May 22,2017)  has awarded a two-year jail term to  you ( Sri H.C .Gupta) as Ex -coal secretary  and two other coal  ministry officials .In addition , a fine of  Rs. one Lakh  was imposed on each of you by the court. You have the right to appeal in the High Court  against your conviction .The punishment has been awarded  due to alleged irregularities  in allocation of  the Thesgora-B coal block  in Madhya Pradesh  to KSSPL.
               The court said that the accused withheld  the aspects of non-compliance  with the guidelines from the PM , Manmohan Singh "knowing fully well" that he would approve  allocation on the basis of the screening  committee's  recommendation."While  forwarding the file to PM  for approval  of recommendation , it was not mentioned by  any of the officers , much less by H.C.Gupta, that applications haven't been checked for eligibility and completeness."
       Sir, I have worked under you and cannot believe that you have been punished for lack of integrity.You have always been and still are a person of impeccable integrity .This order of court is unfair and will not stand in the higher appellate courts. The court has given a clean chit to the then Prime Minister though  a Prime Minister has a fully functional office which scrutinizes every file , and if  certain file has omissions  or incompleteness    , PM's office  points it out to the PM  , instead of getting his  approval .Otherwise , what is the meaning of PM's approval?
       You have always been a model of integrity and a role model for me and for many  officers  and others  .If this blind system cannot give justice to a person like you , what  justice can a poor  citizen in a   remote village of India expect ?This situation has caused extreme pain and mental tension in a large number of officials who know you personally and respect you for integrity, truthfulness and trustw0rthiness   .
          In this hour of crisis , I pray to God to give you strength to face this undeserved suffering .
                                                                                                            Your sincerely ,
                                                                                                             Vidya Nand Garg
Sri H.C. Gupta,


  1. Moral support can have a miraculous effect. It is a sign of greatness to stand by one's conviction. I pray that you are right and relief is granted to the innocent.