Monday, 17 July 2017

Climate of Hope

Climate of Hope  by Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope  is a book ,published in 2017  , to save the planet  from the ill effects of climate change.Michael Bloomberg  is an entrepreneur ,philanthropist , and  former Mayor of New York City. Carl Pope is an environment leader.
                    The main thesis of the book is that cities backed by citizens and businesses can  tackle climate change  effectively. It is a bottoms  up approach and needs the support of national governments as well as international community. This is the first book that explains how   city level action  to tackle climate change  is not only possible but also necessary.
               The book deals in detail how we are already on our way from coal to clean energy, from petrol and gas based transportation to electric vehicles. It also tells us how we should eat and how we should  live  to meet the challenge of climate change.
                     The book also mentions several market failures which are perpetuated by special interests, like   continuation of fossil fuel  subsidies. Such market failures that privilege fossil fuels  have  to be addressed by national governments. We also need to devolve more powers to cities , power to borrow funds for infrastructure and power to manage transportation systems.
            But a transition from coal to   renewable energy and sustainable energy  will result in loss of jobs and unemployment .We must create  solutions to such serious problems, in the interest of meeting the challenges of climate change.
             Citizens have to understand these solutions and then communicate to other citizens. This conversation   must be led by ordinary citizens and local leaders on a continuous basis.

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