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Lion Safari and Eco-restoration of Fisher Forest at Etawah

 Lion Safari to conserve the Asiatic Lions (at present numbering 411 in the world) is being set up in the Fisher Forest Etawah.Fisher Forest has a total area of 2912 acres.Lion Safari is being established in 875 acres .An Eco-restoration project of 1000 acres of Fisher Forest was completed on October5,2013.In all , 153240 plants were planted ).What follows is a report of the event of October5,2013 published in The Pioneer , Lucknow in its edition dated October6,2013.

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Lion Safari will boost tourism, development in UP: CM

Sunday, 06 October 2013 | Pioneer News Service | Lucknow | in Lucknow

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said on Saturday that the Lion Safari at Etawah would not only boost tourism in the region but also bring happiness and development in the state.
Addressing a huge gathering during inspection of Fischer Forest/Lion Safari project in Etawah on Saturday, the Chief Minister reiterated that the Samajwadi Party was committed to all-round development of Uttar Pradesh. Former Defence Minister and Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam  Singh Yadav was also present on the occasion.  The SP supremo and the Chief Minister planted a sapling in the area. 
“We have planted over 1.5 lakh saplings in the Fischer Forest and the Lion Safari area spread over 1000 acres in Etawah. The progress of work which was started by Netaji (Mulayam) is now in full swing despite of various hurdles,” the Chief Minister said. Yadav Junior said that they were adopting international standards in developing the Lion Safari and it would be one of the world’s best wildlife sanctuary. 
“The uniqueness of this safari would be that while at other such places the animals remain in the cage and the tourists roam in the area, in the Etawah Lion Safari, people will move in caged paths while the lions and other animals will roam freely in the jungle,” the Chief Minister said. Yadav Jr said the area would be developed as a green belt with more than 11 lakh trees and this year the Government had fixed a target of planting five crore saplings here. The Lion Safari, which is mainly being developed to save lions, will also have a Lion Breeding Centre.
The Chief Minister said his Government would spend more than Rs 45 crore on developing the Lion Safari and Rs 30.50 crore of this amount would be utilised on setting up animal house, conservation breeding centre, veterinary hospital and other such facilities. He said of the remaining amount, Rs 9 crore would be spent on tourist promotion by setting up interpretation centre-cum-library, gardens, parking lots, watch towers, toilets and other amenities.
As per the plans, 50 hectares of the total area will be reserved for developing lion safari core, 300 hectares for buffer zone, 50 hectares for chain link fencing and 350 hectares for habitat. Highlighting the achievements of his Government, the Chief Minister said they were giving Kanya Vidyadhan, unemployment allowance, assistance under Hamari Beti, Hamari Kal, free laptops, and had waived loans of farmers and were providing free irrigation facilities. He said many more welfare schemes would be announced in the near future.
Yadav Jr said the state Government would open employment avenues for youth, particularly in the police force. He said the Government was trying to improve the power scenario. Speaking on the occasion, Yadav Senior asked the Government to expedite the Lion Safari work. The SP chief said the state Government had already laid emphasis on improving education and health systems.
“UP is the only state where education, irrigation, medicines and treatment of all chronic diseases are free, he said, adding that the state Government was making all efforts to improve the power scenario. The SP supremo stressed the need to tackle communal violence with tough hands. He said that Etawah, which was once known for dacoits and crime, was now known for its good environment, particularly after the Lion Safari/Fischer Forest. 
Yadav Sr lauded the Chief Minister for speeding up the pace of development in the state and said the Lion Safari would bring Etawah on the international map.

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