Saturday, 30 November 2013

Angela's Ashes

Angela's Ashes  is an extraordinary childhood memoir  of its author Frank McCourt(August 19,1930-July 19,2009) , as he grew up from a five year old to nineteen years old.I read it second time recently, and was  moved , as much as  I was when I read it first time .It makes you" live" the poverty, powerlessness , struggles and hopes of Frank,his mother Angela and his brothers.It tells us how hope still, somehow emerges in a situation of total hopelessness.One reason why  this book is so popular is that it makes the reader realize  how lucky he/she is , to be able to lead a life which so much more secure and well provided.
                             I  had always wondered what made McCourt  choose the tittle of this book as Angela's Ashes.Are these the ashes that fall from Angela's cigarettes, or are these ashes  in the fireplace which she continuously stares at blankly?Do these ashes represent the weakening hopes and dreams of Angela for raising a healthy , happy family and wanting Frank to become  much more accomplished and successful  than only  a messenger boy ?The best thing is that despite all setbacks  and disappointments , her ashes are still warm(?)  about her dreams , which in some way prepare a mindset in Frank to save money enough to go from Limerick in Ireland to New York.Hovering between his indecision to leave for a better future or to remain in Limerick  in a small but secure job at post office  , he manages to keep his dreams alive and sails to New York .
                     I recommend you to read this very powerful and inspiring book .It impacts  its readers on all their senses , it provokes them  and makes them think  and feel  .

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