Thursday, 28 November 2013

Leadership and Change

             It is my firm belief that among all values of a true leader, courage is the essential and the most important value. This is a value which makes other values happen. Courage is the touchstone of leadership. Courage becomes hope and faith on one side and love on other side. The three Christian virtues of hope, faith and love are united in courage. Leading transformation needs courage and risk taking and over coming fear.
                                                 We must be the change we wish to see in the world"- Gandhi. Provide personal example. Throw your full weight on the side of change. You must wear your heart on sleeve so that all can see who you are, where you are coming from and where you are going. Never ask others to do what you are not willing to do yourself. Good example gives you the only real influence over others that you are likely to have. It also gives you the moral authority to ask for sacrifice.
    If you do not motivate others by  example, it amounts to manipulation. Good example is self- effacing. It does not draw attention to it self. 
                                               Leadership capacity involves
1-               Freedom of Self.
2-               Courage , confidence and Fearlessness.
3-               Competence.
4-               Integrity & conscience.
5-               Non-attachment /unconditional love
                                 In a transformation, change is in all senses and directions. There is physical/economic change, mental and emotional change and spiritual change. In other words you have changes in
1-    Hierarchy
2-              Structure
3-              Processes
4-              Systems
5-      People and beliefs
                                             Tools for transformation
(1)      Cross-functional teams and collective leadership.
          Breaking down of departmental barriers and empowerment of teams. (A cultural change)

(2)    Development of leadership Capacity throughout the organization by:
(i)                          Providing freedom for action
(ii)                       Instilling confidence through  discussion.
(iii)   Providing skills and competence through training & workshop.
(iv)                     Providing resources for change (A cultural change)

(3)   Change & monitoring of processes through ISO 9001:2000 standards. These standards represent international consensus to monitor in the best possible way those processes which influence quality & enhance customer satisfaction & performance. (A cultural transformation).ISO results in simplification, decentralization and consumer processes and gives continual improvement.
4.                HRD issues gain priorities
         Quick redressal of employee grievances builds self-esteem & energy of employees.
5.                Involvement of all employees
Employees are given meaningful work & active participation in change. It releases their energy for organizational purpose. Job mastery experiences release energy. Assign jobs according to abilities & skills.
6.                Internal Transparency
When employees do not know what is happening, they withhold their energy from organizational activities.
7.                Openness & accessibility
Ideas of (ownership) by all are incorporated into vision mission & transformation process, at every stage.
8.                Change in attitude of Employees
Two ways
(i)                          Presentation of analysis.
(ii)                 Arousal of emotions. Coercion can not produce change agents.
Repeated affirmation is essential.

9.           Change in design of products
Designs have to be in accordance with cultural values aesthetics, desires & needs of consumers. Designs must be changed creating an emotional relationship with people.
    10Other Supports
(i)                          Rituals, ceremonies, music, poetry & songs.
(ii)                       Active participation in community programs
(iii)                    Listen to role models & get emotional support.
(iv)                     Appreciate others.
(v)                        Apply Stress Reduction techniques.
(vi)    Participate in personalized management development programmes 

I am only one
But still I am One
I can not do everything
But still I can do something
And because I can not do everything
I will not refuse to do
The something that I can do
                                                          Edward Everett


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