Friday, 21 March 2014

Celebrating Forests on International Day of Forests (March21,2014)

We celebrated International Day of Forests  today(March21,2014 in Lucknow , India.The venue was the  auditorium of Indira Gandhi Pratishthan in Lucknow and the event was jointly organized by Forest department of government of UP, India, and UP Forest Corporation .And it was a real celebration .The show was stolen by students and teachers  from all over the state, who had won Paryavaran Mitra Awards and certificates.Dr Preeti Kanaujia and her team from Centre for Environment Education(CEE) deserve all credit , praise and compliments for organizing such a large number of students from different parts of the state so competently and seamlessly .
                 Forests are beautiful.They inspire us with beauty.That is one reason for global celebration of forests..But that is only one reason.There are twenty other reasons why forests are important.
1.They help us breathe.They provide half of Earth's Oxygen.
2.They are home for 80% of bio-diversity on land and 50% of total bio-diversity.
3.30 crore people live in forests.
4.They keep us cool , especially in urban areas.
5.They help n preventing global warming and keep earth cool.
6.They make it rain.
7.They fight flooding.
8.They soak run-off and harmful chemicals.
9.They refill aquifers.
10.They block wind.
11.They keep dirt in place.
12.They clean up dirty soil and prevent soil erosion .
13.They clean up dirty air.
14.They muffle noise pollution .
15.They feed us.
16.They give us medicines.
17.They provide raw materials to make things like furniture , paper and pulp.
18.They create jobs.
19.They help us explore and relax.
20.They preserve culture.
21.They create beauty and majesty.
 But forests can do these things only when they live, are healthy and are cared for.
                     Forests are very finely balanced eco-systems.Any species loss can impinge on its ability to provide services like air and water purification .About 1/6th of green gas emissions can be attributed to deforestation and degradation .Deforestation affects wildlife.Illegal felling/logging adds to the problems.
                    In line with global trends , we can do the following :
1.Better management of forests.Certification and responsible forest management.
2.Conserve forests.Don't divert forest land to non-forestry uses as a routine.Prevent illegal felling and deforestation.
3.Reforestation .
4.Tree plantation .
5.Tree plantation and gardens in the cities.
6.Raise awareness about the importance of forests and trees.Encourage conservation photography.
7.Encourage paper recycling.
8.Encourage forestry research.
9.Promote eco-tourism to conserve wildlife.No noise , no litter and as per carrying capacity.
                  Our goals, our resolves on this International day of forests are:
1.Healthy , pollution free environment.
2.Benign climate , and mitigating global warming .
3.Sustainable economy.
4.Shared natural heritage.
5.Unity of life  - human , animal and plant.All life is united.

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