Sunday, 2 March 2014

Some thoughts on work

1.Work for the joy of working.
2.Love your work but don't get attached to it.
3.Distinguish between  your work and the organisation  in which you work .
4.Do those things  that you are proud of .
5.Do what you want to do , and don't ask others what they expect you to do .
6.Find out the core content of your work , dwell , reflect and focus on this core content.
7.Don't work with a view to get approval, praise , recognition or reward.Work without concern for getting the reward or fruit or recognition for work.
8.Don't work mainly for money.
9.Don't work mainly for helping others.
10.Keep learning new things about your work.
11.Make work more enjoyable , productive , efficient and cleaner.
12. Don't work only from office room .Go to the field and to the project sites.
13. Practise self- discipline and self-regulation at work .
14.Hold yourself accountable for results -to yourself.
15.Make and keep a CLP(current projects list).
16.Pay attention to people and employees you work with.
17.Document that decisions of all the meetings.
19.Plan your work .
20.Hold fewer meetings and more conversations .


  1. very educative, work-related practical wisdom......
    asset in 20 points.......

  2. I am glad you find it educative .Thank you.