Saturday, 9 November 2013

The line between home and work

In this age of internet , laptops and mobiles, it has become necessary to revisit the issue of drawing a line between work and home .I believe, it is essential to draw the line firmly, though it is not easy to do so .The line becomes fuzzy when we start talking about home offices and alternative work places.We are in a new kind of Mobility Paradox 
                        If you are in an office of public utility and your mobile number is in public domain , the chances are  high that your mobile will continue to ring at odd hours .The mobile has eliminated the role of private secretaries screening your official  calls.The spill over of official fatigue and worries chases you till you decide to put your mobile in the  silence mode  at some time in the evening.The border line becomes further blurred when you get mails in large numbers  on your computer from unknown quarters .If you respond to each of these calls and mails ,the slow fizzle of chronic fatigue , cynicism , negativity  is likely to set in till you have a burn out .And still you  may get a complaint from your boss  in the morning that you did not receive his call when he called you on your mobile in the late evening.The work has a tendency to spill over  for 24 hours a day.
                            Does this efficient communication internet and mobile , obviate the necessity of  meeting people in person ?NNot necessarily .People may not be satisfied with  your quick return calls.You are never free.
                 Lou Gerstner(former chairman of the board   and  chief executive officer of IBM  from April 1993 to 2002 ) had a habit of bringing suitcases of work home with him every night.But things have changed drastically since then .There was an era when people sought connections with each other, by moving around .We are now in an era where we have to decide when and where to disconnect  -both electronically and socially.We have to face this new Connectivity Paradox.There is no other choice.